Oregon Part 1 With McDonalds

This year, we went to the McDonald's part of the country.  We fell in love with Oregon.  Will post more pics from our amazing trip, but the first post is just about this sweet family. 

We were (and still) devastated about the McDonalds moving to Oregon. 
 I can't understand why anyone would ever want to leave California. . .  
After visiting them, we understand why. 
Oregon is magnificent! 
We loved hiking (the mosquitoes not so much) around the Deschuettes River,
lava grounds, and the magestic mountain ranges. 


Love both of these precious girls. 
How blessed Chelsea and Julia are to have such a great friendship. 

Catching butterflies with their hands. 

Love  that no matter what is going on in the world, that true friends are always true friends. 
Here we are at Sunriver, playing in the pool. 

Stevie and Chelsea reenacting, "Wipe Out."

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