Boating with Cousins

 Started out choppy and cool.  

Ended with a beautiful break in clouds and finding an island with a perfect beach.  

Of course these two are on the opposite side of the sign.

Football on the beach.

Mark was so cute with Betty Boo.  He did not leave her side.

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Freshman Friendsgiving


Pre-dinner festivities

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Fall Break 2021- Palm Beach


This Fall Break I would have loved to have gotten beautiful beach pictures of all the kids.  I had foot surgery, so I am unable to go on the beach (or walk anywhere for a month).  

Sure am grateful for our feet and the unsung heroes that they are.

Here are the only pictures I have of Fall Break.  A few highlights- The boys got a boat and spent a day on the water, the internet was out so no one could study, Chelsea making pumpkin bars, seafood, carrying Mom's walker, Chelsea helping with carpool for Mark, and Rudy in heaven having everyone home for a bit.

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Halloween 2021


We did not make it to the pumpkin patch until 10/31 and only found a picked over parking lot pumpkin patch for a quick picture.  

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