November 2022- From my phone

Dinner out with friends.

Seeing friends in California

Chelsea going to IU v Purdue game and tailgating with Maddie and her family.

Stevie flying to Utah and skiing with Maddie.

Meanwhile, Mark enjoying the Florida winter.

Cheering our home town CA team.  Back at MVHS.

When you sneak in to the lounge, and they serve meatball sandwiches and Shirley Temples.

Reliving MVHS

Seeing Mr. Chesley

Basketball Midnight Madness
(mark running out)

Car show in Palm Beach

Rudy getting in the Christmas spirit.

National History Day Project

Party on the water celebrating Leslie and John.

Seeing a very dear friend.  We had our first babies just days apart.   

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Thanksgiving 2022

Caden and Stevie prepping the turkey.

The kids table this year.

Grandma giving Tommy dating advice. 

Caden did not escape Grandma's advice.  

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We enjoyed our traditional Thanksgiving Eve service.  

It had been a few years since we had been back to attend.  

Lower in attendance, but still got to see some friends.

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