Happy Birthday Marky

 Happy Birthday Marky!

Here are 15 reasons we love you so.

Learned a new skill of paddle boarding and perfects his skill every moment he gets

Took a difficult engineering class and started  enjoying it by end of year

He debates a lot (bed time, xbox, driving, chores, etc)

 He is focused on school and works hard to do his best

He is courageous.

He enjoys reading.

He always is on top of getting his haircuts and still asks for "the Matt."

Knows any sports stat and is quick to tell anyone the stat
Plays board games

Happy to finally be able to block his brother's shot

He makes new friends and courageously walks into each new situation.

Has eyes like his father

Enjoys every moment with his cousins

Loves spending time with his California friends-
They have been close since kindergarten (just missing Cody)

His siblings are his best friends

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Celebrating turning 15


We celebrated this 15 year old at DriveShack and a Beach Day

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January 2022- From My Phone


We enjoyed dinner out with friends from Stanford who recently moved to Florida

A lot of late night studying

This is the manatee feeding area right off our dock to the intercoastal

Basketball Moms

Sneak peak of Stevie's girlfriend

POV- Walking across the street

Working on an engineering project

Rudy getting ready for Valentine's Day

Night out- Loving the warm nights in January

Stevie takes a bowling class which creates an unfair advantage.  
Rumor has it that Dad is sneaking around bowling during lunch time just to keep up.

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JV Basketball Team Dinner

 We hosted the JV basketball team for a team dinner.  So fun to get to meet the boys and parents.

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