New Years Day 2023

 New Years 2023

We did our traditional throw into the ocean what we don't want to bring into the new year. Feel so blessed that our backyard is this bit of paradise. 

We then wrote a word that would be our 2023 word.

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December 2022- From My phone


Chelsea taking a bowling class with hometown friend Trip Truman

Mark getting service hours for school.

Most of my December spent looking like this recovering from ACL/meniscus surgery.

IU Game

Markwith his basketball team enjoying a morning of recovery using cryotherapy.

Rudy enjoying mornings with Chelsea

Chelsea enjoying IU basketball games

Rudy going for his morning swims

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New Years EVE 2022

 Went on a road trip for New Years Eve 2022.

 Celebrating Jason's birthday with our traditional chocolate cake.

NYE in Nashville

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