JV Basketball Team Dinner

 We hosted the JV basketball team for a team dinner.  So fun to get to meet the boys and parents.

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New Years 2021

We spent a few days over NYE in California.  So wonderful to see friends (sadly did not get lots of pictures). Realized also, I have no pictures of Chelsea on the trip and she and Stevie were with us too.

Best way to start the day with a big cinnamon roll.

Even precious Rudy got to go because he was working.

Always good to see our beloved grandma.


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December 2021- From My Phone


Lots and lots of cheering on our favorite freshman,

Surfing with Leslie

Bird house making for engineering class.

Dinners out and Christmas light viewing.  Visiting "Sandy" the Christmas tree.

A perfect Florida day.

Attending a Palm Beach event at the Colony Hotel

Rudy goes almost everywhere with us.  Even to a live nativity.

Rudy keeps going and stopping over at Leslie's house hoping she is there to give him meatloaf.

December allowed for lots of cuddling time with Rudy

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Christmas Day at the Beach

A beautiful Christmas morning at the beach.

The  sea was a little rough so made it extra fun to try to paddle board.  Poor Rudy played a little too much in the water as he ended up with "broken tail."  

He recovered in a week but poor baby could not swim for a couple of weeks. 

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