June 2022- From my phone


News from Milan

College Roommates unite

News from Florida

News from Paris

News from Europe

On their way to basketball camp

Utah Parade of Homes

Hiking with college roomies

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Basketball Camp

Mark got to spend basketball camp with Aaron Rodgers and his cousins.

and with his cousins

My beloved youngest brother

Jack after he missed the team winning shot (in his words) 

Was not able to get pictures of Mark, but got pictures of cousin Henry

Doing the height test.  Both boys over 6 feet.

Enjoying the unlimited cafeteria eating.

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Our beloved friends

 Spent a wonderful dinner with our beloved friends.  We met when the kids were in Kindergarten and we celebrated them graduating college. The Garretts are moving to Bend, OR.  We will miss them.  xoxo

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Santa Cruz with Friends

We drove to Santa Cruz in the Tesla and it was still no match for Jenny's V8 engine 15 year old SUV.

The boys still said they won the race because I dropped them off at the entrance and then parked.

Jenny and I walking on the pier and having lunch.

These kids are still so close since kindergarten.  What a great blessing to have in life. 

Mark and Kasey decided to take the tram with flip flops on.  If you bet money that flip flops went flying, you are correct.

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