A Beginning and an Ending

After 18 years of having a child at home,
I now have a quiet home during the day. 
Matt dragged himself out of bed for me just to take this picture. 
My Senior and My Kinder. 

  A beginning and an Ending. 
It is hard to imagine where the years have gone.  I don't feel older,
but clearly I am as I have Senior ready to embark on his glorious life. 
 Matt's Senior portrait proofs arrived in the mailbox this week. 
 I still have not been able to look at them without my eyes welling up. 
Where did the time go? 
 I love my life, I love watching my children grow into incredible human beings.
  It just seems to be going too fast. 
This year we will have a kindergarten, elementary school, and high school graduation.
 Big milestones for our family. 
 Matt's first day of his last year. 
High School went too fast.  Even though I always say,
 "Your high school years are your greatest years of your life,"  it went by too fast. 
I say this, because my parents told me this.  Since my parents told me this, I believe it. 
I think it is the greatest years of your life (along with college)
 because your whole glorious, incredible life is in front of you. 
We love who Matt is becoming. 

Stevie's, first day of 7th grade,
excited about going to school at 6:45 to be the producer of his live news announcements at Graham Middle School.  He gets up early everyday to produce the announcements for GMS TV. 
He is passionate (intense) about so many things. 
 Love that he wants to do it all. . .
Scouts, Sports, School, GMS, Family, Goals, and Church.
 A very talented, competitive young man (like his father).

Chelsea starting 5th grade.
She is growing into such an incredible person. It is amazing and miraculous to watch your children becoming who they are.
I recently put on our quote board,
"Love who you are becoming."
She has such a wise disposition. Love her sense of self and well being.
I love listening to her thoughts, songs, poems.
She is a very special person on this planet.

Our sweet Kinder. 
Marky has been going to school since the day he was born.  
He was so ready. 
He was so excited that it was finally his turn to go to school. 
He is such a precious boy.  We feel so grateful to be his parents.  
Love that he wants to "follow all the rules and be a good listener." 

Our Back to School Feast and Theme are in another post. 

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