Summer BBQ

School has been in session and I am still trying to find time to post about our summer fun this.
  Might need to intersperse our summer activities during our fall season. 
Took a few pics of a BBQ at the house. 
Should have taken the picture of the beautiful fruit platter that Jessie made. 

Kenny refusing to be in the picture.  Cyndi still looking adoringly at him. 

Love all these sweet families that we had over. 

Marky and Khloe best friends.  They say they want to marry each other.  For awhile Khloe was going to marry someone else, but now she said she will marry Marky.  What a relief. 

All the girls had a great time on the trampoline making up dances and routines. 

All blondes.  Hmmm, may need to change hair color. 


These two beauties so sweetly were able to catch up.

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