Neighborhood Tropical Party

Steve and I rode our bikes to the neighborhood tropical party.  I love neighborhood get togethers where you can ride your bike. 

Not sure what the guys were looking at on their phones, but obviously it was spell-binding. 

Linda, Shelley, and Jenn. 

This party was actually an auction item for our elementary school. 
The PTA President, Jenn, along with a few other families put on this very fun party.

Steve, Craig, and Steve

The neighborhood band.  They were awesome. 

We have such amazing families and people living in our neighborhood. 
Love that we are a part of an amazing community.

We are attempting to do the hula.  

Not sure when the elbows are used in the hula dance
Or the fingers that way. 

 Both Steves in their festive clothing.

Celebrating 15 years!

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