Picnic in Sausalito

In honor of the 75th anniversary weekend of the Golden Gate Bridge, we crossed over the Golden Gate and spent a Saturday in Sausalito.  We were so happy to have Matt join us.  Even though in the picture, Matt looks like he is very unhappy, he said he had a great time. 

We wandered around town until we found this place  http://www.hamburgersausalito.com/ 
Yummiest hamburgers cooked on a revolving grill. 

We then sat at a nearby park and had a picnic. 

Really this picture needs no words. 

Kids enjoying the beautiful weather and each other. 
It was overcast and blustery on the San Francisco side of the bridge, but once we crossed it was spectacular!!

Enjoying some great family time.  So rarely, we have a Saturday that everyone is free and we can slow down and go on an adventure. 

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