Girls Conference

This sweet girl had an amazing opportunity presented to her.

My dear friend, Christy, invited Chelsea to attend a conference at her church
for 10-11 year old girls. 

Chelsea was nervous about meeting and interacting with girls she had never met before.   It filled me with joy to watch her do something that she was not quite comfortable with.   It was a great moment to help her step out of her comfort zone.

The girls played a "get to know you" game at first.  Then they broke out in groups and participated in 4 mini classes. 

Developing Talents
The class stressed the importance of having the courage to try new things.  I admit when the instructors told me how this class was going to work, I was skeptical that these girls would be willing to participate. 

  They had different activities around the room.  Each girl "chose" an activity from a bowl and then worked on that activity for 10 minutes. 
Chelsea lucked out, because she drew the piano card.  She did play the Wedding March for everyone since this was the piece she was just working on. 

At the end, the girls all went around to each station to watch the other girl demonstrate her new talent. 

Be Creative

Cutest necklaces were made. 

 Need to have Chelsea's friends over to make these necklaces.   She loved being able to go to all of these classes.

The teacher touched on relationships.
and about etiquette.

The girls sat down at a pre-set table.  As they ate, they pulled questions about manners from a bowl and discussed with each other. 

Healthy Bodies
 The last class was on keeping our bodies healthy.   They talked about nutrition, how to dress, physical activity, and sleep.  The instructor kept the girls interested by passing around healthy food to try and doing exercises during the class. 
At the end of the day, all the girls sat down and had a luncheon.  It was a perfect morning. 

Chelsea really enjoyed the day.  Going to see about doing this conference with the girls at school or our church.  There are always so many activities and opportunities for the youth, but we sometimes miss these girls at a very tender age.  It was nice to experience an event that was "just right" for these special girls.

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