A few End of Year Activities

There are so many activities during the month of May and June.  I was so relieved when school was finally done for the year.   The kids were EXTREMELY happy.  Marky can not wait for Kindergarten to start.   He said,  "The first day of Kindergarten will be the best day of my whole life."  I have such mixed feelings of the new school year.  In August, we will have a Senior in High School and a Kindergartner.  An ending and a beginning at once. 

Back to the end of 2012 school year. . .
Every year, Huff Elementary puts on a carnival for the families. This year's theme was
"Huff goes Royal."
Matt took Marky. 

 A Facebook worthy picture???

Not sure what Marky is saying to Matt. 

Maybe warning him.. .

Sweet Friends- Chelsea and Laynie. 

Waving like a royal by the Cinderella carriage. 

Stevie and friends starting a new game:  lacrosse on a wake board.

Not sure what Marky had face painted on his face, but he sure looks happy. 

Boys discover the game Risk.  Reminds me of Jason and Scott playing all the time. 

Little boys playing basketball at the gym. 

Then an innocent bribe to McDonalds.

Chelsea's 4th grade class did a play about Biomes, Finding the right Biome.  Chelsea had the most amazing teacher this year.  Ms. Luongo's teaching style is so creative, she was always finding ways to reach the students by teaching things differently not from a text book. 
 Chelsea and partner were grass. 

They sang and danced with all their hearts. 

Chelsea had  been practicing her song at home.  Very cute performance. 

School Talent Show

Chelsea and Mo did an Irish Dance
Chelsea and friends did another number for the Talent Show.

Last day of school celebratory lunch at Burger Town. 

The boys celebrating the last day of school playing Risk.  These boys sure know how to let loose.  Stevie has amazing friends-  We love when these boys come over. 
While they were outside playing Risk, they apparently heard a gun shot and got very scared.  Not sure what the noise was, but I did find the boys hiding upstairs.   I then found myself driving all around the neighborhood with five boys in the car looking for the bad guy who had a gun.  They were so convinced that they had heard a gun.  It was so interesting to hear all their theories about why the bad guy had to fire the gun. 

Additional Note:  we live in a very safe area.  There is even a police officer a few doors down who was outside at the time and did not hear anything. I think it may have been construction noise.  The boys story is much more exciting. 

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