Lacrosse Season

Here we are at the Lacrosse banquet.  This was Matt's only second year playing lacrosse.  He is always good at trying new sports and being courageous to try new things. 

Grandma and Grandpa came to watch. 

Matt and his junior teammates waiting to be called on stage. 

It was a great opportunity for Matt to be on the Varsitg Team.  His highlights from high school I am sure will include playing lacrosse and going to New York with his teammates. 

Unfortunately, none of my pictures turned out well.  It was fun to have dinner with all the lacrosse families. 

The future Mountain View High School Team.  These boys were so excited to be at the Lacrosse Dinner and see their brothers getting awards.  The new generation of lacrosse players are looking forward to receiving some training from Coach Joe Juter later at summer camps.

Matt waiting with his buddies after he receives his Varsity Letter.  Matt Loves being part of a team. 

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