Thanksgiving Eve Service 2011

This year both Matt and Stevie sang at the Thanksgiving Eve service.  It was really neat to see both boys up singing this year.  Grateful that Stevie and Matt are so committed and find passion in singing in church and being part of the youth group.

Matt and Jack Wilbur.  They like to sing real loud. 

Stevie getting directions from Carol.

Stevie and Jack are so cute sitting by each other.  They keep each other "entertained" during the service. 

Matt and Janis hugging.  We now call this the "Janis hug."  If Matt gives me a flimsy, "teenage" hug, I always say, "Give me a Janis Hug."  Janis went on tour with the Starfire group this Summer.  Matt got close with Janis and had lots of fun with her.

Matt and Alex Dunne.  Matt also had a reading during the service.  I think we videotaped the reading so I did not get any pictures of him talking. 

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