Christmas Season Pt 2

  We had such a great time together this holiday season.  I  love this season and all the joy and hope it brings.  I love being able to remind the kids, "Santa Claus is watching," when they need a little reminder to act their best.  We loved listening to Christmas music everyday.  Love the traditions that we have as a family.  Mostly, I love the time the season gives me to spent with my family.   

The quote I put on our quote board the week before Christmas is:
"The celebration of Christmas helps us to keep our promise to always remember Christ."

  Just trying to capture additional Christmas activities.
 Chelsea and I are getting out all the decorations for our tree. 

Marky so carefully putting the ornaments he made on the tree. 

It is always exciting to get the ornaments out each year and see the children's excitement as they remember their own ornaments.  Fun to see all their "homemade" ornaments. 
Matt tall enough to put the Santa on the top of the tree.  

Visiting Santa at Christmas in the Park. 
 Some day, I am going to get all the pictures of the kids with Santa throughout the years and put them in ornaments to hang on the tree.  Some day..
So enjoyed having the kids home the week before Christmas.  The children's excitement was contagious.  We watched lots of Christmas shows and ate all of our favorite holiday treats. 

Santa's reindeer are in the barn behind the kids.  Very festive evening. 

Spending time with the Fratesi Family in San Francisco.

Stevie and Chelsea spent some time at Hope's Corner working with disadvantaged kids. 

 Marky even got to do the crafts, but was under strick guidelines to not eat ANY of the cookies. 

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