Christmas in San Francisco Part 2

We started our day in San Francisco in Union Square.  It was fun to be part of all the hustle and bustle of the city life during Christmas season.  We got some fun photos of our day. 

The above shot is the photoshop version.  Below is the un-photoshop.  See if you can see why we needed to photoshop this picture.   The only reason I put this in, is that every picture that we take where Steve is holding Marky, something just doesn't look right.  We all got a huge laugh out of it.

Marky was really wound up this night.  We were all on duty watching (containing) him.  Matt and Claire did a tremendous job watching Marky the whole night.  They were amazing with him and let me have a night off.

 Marky and Khloe were running all around the park.  It was hard getting them to stop long enough to snap a photo. 

The Fairmont's life size gingerbread house is always a "wonder" to see.  Cute picture of Matt and Claire.

 Matt trying to "corrall" Marky.  He was wild that night. 

Chelsea and Laynie in the house. 

Picture of the entire group who went.  It was such a thrill and fun night. 
Look in the middle of the picture of Matt and Claire.  Love it!

Both Steves sharing broccoli. 

Matt and Claire on a dinner date with Marky in the middle.

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