Cable Car Caroling

A highlight of the Christmas Season was going Cable Car Caroling through San Francisco.  We went with five families and we spent 1 1/2 hours riding through San Francisco looking at all the Christmas lights.  The weather was amazing and we even stopped off at the Fairmont to see the gingerbread house (another post).  I think I laughed the entire time.  It was such fun to be with all these families.  What a gift to be friends with such great families and to experience such a great City.

This could have been our Christmas card picture, but I happened to order our Christmas cards the very morning that we went to San Francisco.  Might reuse this one for next year.  Arturo, the driver, is the extra person in our family.

Stevie hanging on the side and being festive in his Santa Hat.

Chelsea and Laynie

Garretts and Youngs

Cute Marky and Khloe.  They are the cutest.  They sat together and looked out the window at the lights.  Very romantic!!!

Marky and Khloe have been best friends since Khloe was born.

Love, love, love my girl!!!!

Chelsea, Laynie and Sara

Marky sitting between Matt and Claire

I think we all smiled and laughed the entire time.  It was such a fun, fun time.

Stevie and Steve sat in the front.  We missed seeing them since they sat in the front.

Norrises singing along to the songs.
The Garretts having fun.  Wish that my pictures of the entire group turned out.  The families that went were so fun.  So grateful that we have such wonderful friends.

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