Christmas Morning

I love Christmas!  I think I get more excited than the kids.  I love the decorations, family time, and anticipation.    My sister-in-law, Kelly, adores Christmas also.  One of the kids will randomly say throught the months of November and December, "Do you think Aunt Kelly is listening to Christmas music at this moment?"  We always start  to laugh and agree that she is indeed listening to Christmas music.
   In my quest for a "Perfect Christmas," I try to have all the shopping done and all the gifts wrapped before the kids are out of school. This is a great goal and accomplishment but it leaves not much emphasis on the kids having the opportunity to select and buy gifts for each other.  The kids were most excited about the gifts they got each other.  I think next year, I will try to put more of an importance on them getting each other gifts and even taking them shopping the week before Christmas.

Favorite Memory this year (need to write it down because I will forget):   The first time I turned on the Christmas music for the season the song "Santa Claus is Coming to Town."  As Marky listened to the words, his eyes got bigger and bigger.  He walked straight to the speakers to really listen to the words.  I knew he was taking the words to the song quite seriously.  When the song was over, he looked at me and said, "I am nice Mommy, but Stevie and Chelsea fight so much they are naughty."

Favorite Gift this year: was the cd of Matt's musical performance (see this post).  I have listened to it EVERYDAY. It is so inspirational!!  I am going to play the kids's the song "The Project," everyday before they leave for school.

Christmas Morning:
As you can see, the teenager was not so excited about waking up.  Stevie was so excited for Christmas morning and then when he saw Matt still in bed, Stevie thought it was "cooler" to act like he was a  tired teenager. Look at his picture below of his "Coolness."

This picture of Steven was taken right after he was told very nicely (with the Christmas spirit) that he was not a teenager and his "teenage coolness" was not so cool.  He snapped out of it real quick.   

Everyone waiting upstairs anxiously to come down and see what Santa brought them. 

This is what they saw.  Santa was generous this year. 

Marky (with Buddy) was very excited to see that Santa brought his Cars 2 cars.

Cheslea and Stevie got IPODS. 

Stevie opening his stocking.  Lots of food items in his stocking.  The way to Stevie's heart is through his stomach. 

Santa (and the Easter Bunny) always brings our family sugar cereals since we do not usually have them during the year.

Steve helping Marky open his cars.

Matt excited to get socks in his stocking.

Stevie wanted me to open the first gift.  He had chosen a special gift for me and couldn't wait till I opened it. 

It was a donut maker.  He is hoping that we can make donuts like Stan's (see this post).

Chelsea LOVED this shirt from Justice. 
Matt did not ask for much.  He kept saying, "I don't need anything." Here he is unwrapping weights for Christmas. 
Stevie opening his two part gift.  A water balloon pumper. 

Love the boy's expressions as they realize what the second part of the gift is. 

Steve's best gift a framed picture of his grandparents who raised him.

Marky got Stevie a BIG Costco size bottle of Tabasco.  Stevie puts it on EVERYTHING.

Stevie got Marky the CARS 2 video game.   Side note on the video games- our XBOX broke right before Christmas.  The kids have not been able to play for three weeks (do have a smile on my face right now).
Marky got Matt some ANGRY BIRDS boxers.

Chelsea LOVED her new pajamas from Justice.
Matt helping Marky open his Star Wars toys.

In the afternoon, Marky and Steven resting in Stevie's bed listening to the same Star Wars song over and over.  
Playing Apples to Apples later that day.  Love this game because everyone can play (including Marky).  Big family favorite.

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