Tahoe New Years

Even with no snow in Tahoe and no snow predicted in the near future, we made the trek anyway.  No matter what season (or lack of season), it is a beautiful place to visit.  We enjoyed the quiet time being with our family and friends. 

The down time of not doing anything (well, Steve had to work since it was end of year), was so wonderful for the soul.  We watched some family classic movies (Pink Panther)  and watched all the movies that Stevie been wanting to watch with me.  We stayed up late each night to watch the movies that he chose.  Matt was very excited because the condo had the complete set of all Lord of the Rings movies.  He was in heaven.
The kids finally made the gingerbread house together.  Didn't get the picture of the house after Matt added the "finishing touches" to the gingerbread house.  After the kids went to bed, Matt decided to write his name on the roof of the gingerbread house.  As you can imagine, the other kids were a little "surprised" to see his name on the house after they put all the effort into building the house.

Matt watching Lord of the Rings.

Notice the ground?????  No white stuff anywhere.

Piled in the car to go skiing.

Quick picture before we leave for the resort.

Already to take off.  Resort was surprisingly busy.  Look carefully behind the kids and you will see the ground again.

They still had a great time skiing on all the man-made snow.

Marky and I on a walk, looking for snow.  We had to walk all the way up the hill to the ski resort  to finally find the snow.  Love this Power Ranger hat.  Matt used to wear this.  Marky loves Power Rangers just like Matt did.

Taking a break and eating lunch together.

The snow plow that was not being used.

 Little hot tubbing at night.
 Nights with family, good friends and good food.  Matt and Stevie were especially impressed with Jerry and all the relatives from South Africa.  They learned about their martial arts, sports and business endeavors.   Matt said, "You don't want to mess with those guys."

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