Pie Baking Contest

To impress his girlfriend's father, Matt entered the Amsden's Annual Pie Baking Contest. 
Matt starting the process by making the dough for the pie.

Realizing he may be over his head, he called in the "Big Guns," Grandma.

Grandma giving them "orders" on the proper way to make a pie.

Grandpa was looking on from his chair somewhat amused by the situation.  Maybe just glad that he had a comfortable place to sit.

A little humor in the pie baking class.

The boys so carefully putting the filling in the pie.

Crimping the pie edge for the "Best Looking Pie."

Added touch:  Sprinkling of sugar on top.  Love how my mother is looking on to make sure that Matt "sprinkles" just right. 

With all that hard work behind them, Peter and Matt enjoying their favorite, "Cheesy Bread."

Matt's pie was one of 14 pies entered in the contest.  He scored 2nd place in Best Tasting and 4th in Best Looking.   He later found out that some of the judges may have been "biased" to their own fathers.  Oh, well, not bad for a First Time Pie Baker.

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