Santa Barbara with Sisters-in-Love

For the first time, I visited Santa Barbara with three of my sister-in-laws.  Sophia so generously made the long trip out here from the East Coast.  We had such a great time.  It was so fun to get to know my sisters so much better.  It was a lot of fun to do it without kids around.  It helped us bond and love each other more.  Here is a recap of our weekend.

The beautiful vineyards on Hwy 1 driving to Santa Barbara.  Sheila was of course behind the wheel.  She is a great driver and can always make "record time" in getting to your destination.  

Our weekend started with Kelly telling us that she is pregnant with #3- another Mulliner boy!!

We talked about books we have read this year.  Sophia reminded us how nice it is to fly without children in tow and get 4 hours of uninterrupted time to read. 

We took in the beauty of the coast.  Since we all live near the coast, we take it for granted.

The coastline was magnificent as the storm was coming in or going out.

Dinner Friday night.  Thank you to Sophia for selecting the amazing French restaurant (and sharing your food). 

At the Pier. . .

Santa Barbara Mission. . .

Had to get the picture of the tree.  Chelsea would LOVE to climb that tree (if it wasn't for the "No Climbing" signs all over.  Pretty magnificent tree.  It made me wonder how long the tree had been there and all the history that the tree had seen. 

Very relaxing to have a leisure breakfast at Jeannines with the locals on Sunday morning.

Sunday morning- Kelly and I enjoying our Eggs Benedict.  A real indulgence, but so worth it!!! 

Enjoying a hike after a day of shopping. . .

 Sheila was our driver and photographer for the weekend.  Thank you Sheila for getting us to all of our destinations, and Sophia for navigating around Southern California.
I have always wanted a sister.  So grateful that my brothers married such wonderful, fun women and I get to have sisters (lots of them),

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