Thanksgiving 2011

We stayed very close to home this Thanksgiving.  My mother did the entire Thanksgiving (hosting and all the food).  THANKS MOM!!!!  A little perk of my knee surgery that I did not have to do anything. 

Such a nice holiday. So grateful that we got to spend Thanksgiving with my parents, Aunt Kaye, brothers, and their families. Grateful that my kids will have wonderful memories of spending the holiday with their cousins. How blessed we are to have a day to enjoy family and food!!

We missed Jason in this picture. 

 Craig always goes over in the morning to help with the stuffing. 

Sam likes to make the gravy.

Craig helping to carve the turkey.  Best expression.

Great picture of all the cousins.  We were so excited that Sam and Kelly could come up for the holiday.  Always makes the holiday so much fun with lots of family. 

Got some good football watching time in.  Glad everyone got the memo to wear khaki pants.

In the other room, the Polar Express was on. 

Fun picture of Mom and Kaye.

Whip Cream blow-ups.    The rest of us have already participated in the whip cream blow-up disaster.  So, when Sam and Kelly innocently picked up the whip cream dispenser, no one said anything to stop it. 
The pictures do not show how much whip cream exploded everywhere.  Good laughs.

Nice picture of Matt and me.  He so reluctantly posed for this. 

Oldest cousins:  Max and Matt

Football and pie eating.

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