Stan's Donuts- 3rd Generation

Keeping the tradition a  live of Stan's Donuts.  The cousins all met there and enjoyed the best donuts ever.  We were so sad that Matt missed out.  He was having driving lessons.

Sam trying to get everyone to look. Love, love that the kids got to spend some good time with their Aunts and Uncles.
Now Kelly trying to get everyone to look.

Excited for a whole dozen donuts. Love that the kids are so excited about going to get donuts. Also, love that these two below are getting along.  Maybe a box of donuts between them helps. 
Cute boys: Marky and Jack

With Grandma and Grandpa enjoying the festivity.

Aaah, those cute cousins again.  Both boys going to Kindergarten next year.

How fun for these kids to have all these fun memories with their cousins. 

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