Trying to Survive with this calendar

As the school year unfolds and our activities begin, this is what greets me every morning.

Yes, each child does have their own color.  I have moments of panic as I try to figure out how to be at multiple places at one time.  I know many families have rules about only one activity at a time.  I love this family rule, I  just haven't figured out a way to enforce it.  The children have all chosen their activities and are so energized to do them.  We have until mid-December of pure chaos.  Then the holidays -which is a different type of chaos and excitement.  

Some days I do a great job keeping up with the calendar (I call these days "Mother of the Year Days,"  and other days I may forget entire performances (I seriously forgot Chelsea's musical performance play last year).  It makes me realize the importance of having a community around you to help and support each other.  It really does "Take a Village."  So grateful for the friends and family around that help and inspire me daily.  

I am writing the Fall line-up down, not to brag as to how busy we are, but to have on record all the activities that the kids are doing.  I am amazed at their ability to try new things, even when they have no knowledge or experience of the activity.  

Here is our Fall line-up:

Fall Lacrosse
Youth Group
Youth Choir
Coach 5th grade football team
Trying to earn money for his Lacrosse Spring Break trip to NY

Fall Lacrosse
Cross Country
Youth Choir
Boy Scouts

Irish Dance
Tennis (2X)
Book Club

Learning to Read
Playdates (I try to remember to schedule them for him). 

So grateful for our courageous to try new things, multi-interested, and committed children.  These four people light up my life! 

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