Tailgate: Stanford v UCLA

Every year we have such a great time tailgating and going to the Stanford games.  We feel lucky that we live so close to the stadium and it is relatively easy to get there.  We got to have several families join us for the Stanford v UCLA game.  It was so much fun.

Pre-game dancing with the band.

Megan, Rebecca, Chelsea and Madison.

A highlight for Steve was some of his old Stanford buddies stopped by.  It was so fun to reconnect and enjoy  both Sean and Doug's company. 

Chelsea and Madison and a BIG bag of cotton candy.

The girls climbing a tree and then getting stuck.

The boys taking a break from playing football.  Notice Matt wearing his Texas jersey?  This is to remind UCLA that they got beat by Texas.

Checking messages between Washer Toss turns.

Texting away. . .
 Until, they saw some "UCLA fans."

Really focused on the game.
 Actually not focused on the game, but they happen to have the best view of the UCLA cheerleaders (as you can see Matt pointing out).

All the girls!

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