Point Lobos National Park

We had an amazing time hiking in Point Lobos National Park. 

 Steve and I went there in May and had to wear our ski clothes.  It was rainy and windy, we felt like we were goingto be blown off the cliff. 

In Monterey- a bit calmer, but a little "touch and go."

This time the weather was PERFECT.  We took the kids with us and enjoyed a beautiful afternoon experiencing the most amazing scenery.

Tried so hard to get a "Christmas card" worthy picture.  No joke, in every family picture that we took, somone had their eyes closed.  Yes, I know Stevie's eyes are closed, but he is taking one for the team on this one.   Sorry Stevie!  This is the best that I can do.

"Brother" helping Marky walk on the rocks.

A beautiful view on the rocks. 

Matt contemplating how much he loves his family and how he wants to spend all his time with us.
Yes, quite a few family pictures I know, but I was hoping and wishing to come up with a "Christmas card worthy" picture. Wouldn't it be fantastic to have Christmas cards all done in September? I had an "out of range" goal, I know.

Coolest picture ever of Matt jumping from the rocks.  His expression was priceless.

Love the action shot of Chelsea.  She is pointing to a starfish in the water but running from the waves.
 Just so I am showing an accurate depiction of our trip. . .  it wasn't all Rainbows and Unicorns.
 Some M&Ms helped him to rebound.

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