Turning 42

The night before my birthday, I came downstairs to get a drink of water and Steve was up busily decorating for my birthday.  Now, that might be considered endearing to some, but this is what I saw on the counter.
I was shocked to see the numbers so big and bold, that I swiped them off the counter and hid them behind my back so Steve would not notice.   I continued to have a conversation with Steve as he started to search all over for the number 42.  I watched him for at least 10 minutes trying to find where he had put the candles.  I then went to bed and kept them hidden under my pillow. 

Getting older has never been a problem for me.  Life keeps getting better and better.  Turning 40- was glorious!  Turning 41-  still basking in the joy of turning 40.  Too be honest, this past year has been amazing.  For some reason, I didn't like seeing 42.   Yes, there is 20 years difference between me and "Hot Nanny" (aka Amanda).
The week began with a celebration with Amanda and Tracy.  We all had birthdays in the same week.
(Kim, Amanda, Linda, me, Melissa)

Just love this pic of Amanda. It is so her. 

Then the next night a little celebration at the Elks Lodge with Alice.  Forgot to bring my camera for that one.  Then on Thursday a quick celebration because Steve had to go to the induction ceremony at the Elks Lodge.  He felt really bad that he had to leave so soon.  We are doing a birthday dinner another night.  Just the two of us.

Chelsea launching into a story as we are about to blow out candles. 
Apparently, I was not doing a good enough job at blowing out the candles.  Steve had to come in. 
Happy Birthday!  Grateful that 42 years of living has given me a wonderful family and an amazing life!

 The kids wrote some really nice birthday notes to me.  I was very impressed and felt loved.  Yes, I did ask for a waffle make, not the cheese slicer but Stevie really thought I would like it.  The picture does not show the fun gift cards for future shopping trips!! 

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