Back to School Feast and New Tradition

When you enter the Blog world, you find yourself with the ability to look  inside the homes and lives of other families.  It is fascinating to see how other families live.  The good part of it is that you can get a lot of ideas, traditions and values to instill and implement in your family.  The bad part is that sometimes it can make you feel like you are not doing enough, (but that will be another post). 
Little Patriot

This new tradition that I found on the web, added to our already tradition of a Back to School Dinner.  This year we decided to get even more festive by calling it a "Back to School Feast."  We also unveiled an educational theme for the year, "Learn for Life."  We are going to try and have a new theme each year and unveil it the night of our Back to School Feast.
Swimming Pool

I also had this artist, Kurt Knudsen make these beautiful stars and engrave our theme and the year 2011 on each start.  I envision the kids getting a star each year with a new theme engraved on it.  They will have quite a collection when we are done, maybe they can even display on their own Christmas trees.

We will (hopefully) reinforce the theme a couple times a month.  Our first story we read, Steve's sister sent us.  A Weave of Words by Robert San Souci kept all FOUR kids attention.  How often does that happen? 

Patterned and Stained Glass Star- Une Petite Rouge

Marky and I were in charge of the Feast.  We based our Feast on the book, "I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato."         
I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato (Charlie and Lola)
Marky and I made: Orange Twiglettes with snow, hot coals, greendrops from Greenland, logs, rainclouds, volcano drinks.

Sweet boy is working hard on making dip.  Love it!!

 Love his concentration- he even has his tongue out, he is concentrating so much. 
 Marky dressed up in an apron and hotpads on because that is what you need to cook with.  Matt is making main dish.

Dining al fresco!

 Unwrapping their stars. . .

 Chelsea reading our theme.
 Love his expression of anticipation.

Here's to a great start of a new school year.  We have children at every stage this year:  High School, Junior High, Elementary, and Preschool.  So grateful that our children attend great schools, have great teachers, keep good friends, have varied interests and activities to keep them busy.

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