Steve LOVES bowling.  He wishes that we would be a married couple on a league.  Everytime we go bowling, I always think I should do this for him.  Every now and then I get a strike and I get so excited that I let the entire bowling alley know, but usually I am not very good.  Maybe I should take bowling lessons and surprise him . . .   Well, for now, we enjoy family bowling.  Steve (in his own bowling shoes) is so happy to be there.

This year Marky was able to bowl an entire game and be engaged during the entire game.   I love this series of Marky.   He struggeled just to pick up the ball.
 All of his strength just to get the ball down the court.

Waiting so long for the ball to slowly roll down the lane. . . was so nail biting.. . we were not certain if the ball would even make it to the end of the lane. 
 When the ball finally reached the pins and knocks down one pin. . .  the joy!!!!
Love sweet Marky so much!!!!!

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