Steve and I LOVE Sonoma/Napa.  Not sure if it is the beauty of the region, the lifestyle, great food, or weather.  Maybe it is because Sonoma is where Steve and I met and later got engaged.

We actually went to Safari West in Santa Rosa and then drove through the "countryside" to Sonoma.  We, of course made the kids go down memory lane with us.  We took them to Sonoma Mission Inn and showed them the exact spot where we first saw each other (at a conference for Intel).  We got a little "eye-rolling" from Stevie, but I think that when they are older and go to Sonoma they will point out all of these same sites to their significant other. 

This is where we got engaged on the beautiful grounds of SonomaMission Inn.

We got sandwiches from a deli and sat in Sonoma Square and had a picnic.  We used to rent a house in Sonoma for a month during the summers.   The kids were so young, we would always take the kids to Sonoma Square.  We especially liked the Farmer's Markey on Tuesday evenings.   A very sweet place and time of our lives.  
We also looked at the Sonoma Mission.  Chelsea will be studying California History in 4th grade.  I hope she chooses Sonoma for her mission report and model.  Maybe we will need to go to Sonoma again soon for research. 
Can not forget, the most fun for the kids. . . spending a night in the hotel.  They LOVED swimming in the huge pool, jumping on the bed, and of course, watching T.V. in bed.

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