Matt and "Rethinking Church"

This summer, Matt participated in a musical called The Project.  It was written by his youth directors, Carol and Dirk Damonte.  It was about rethinking church.  Meaning you should be out in the world serving others not just sitting in a building on Sunday.  Matt had a "solo" and speaking parts.  It was so fun to watch him perform and be so committed to this cause.  Matt has always been courageous.  He always is willing to try new things and experiences.  Matt is such a good role model for his younger siblings.  I love to see what my children become passionate about and use their energy to make the world a better place. 

Matt will leave on tour for 2 1/2 weeks and go to Oregon, Washington, and Canada.  What an amazing experience to be able to do this.  Matt's Dad, grandparents, and aunt, uncle, Brim cousins all came to watch the performance on Friday.  On Saturday night, his California family came.  How blessed we are to have family all around us to come and support Matt!!!  So grateful that Matt has so many people to love him.

Matt, Larry and Sharron Brim- Larry and Sharron flew out here just to see the play. 

Matt and Bill

Becky and Mark Felt drove to see Matt.  Matt is lucky to have so much family devoted to him.

Matt, Chelsea and Rochelle

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