Tokyo: Ramen, Shibuya Crossing, Imperial Palace

Stevie, my mom, and I took off for a weekend in Tokyo.  One of the easiest places to travel to from San Francisco.  

After getting to hotel, Stevie and went to go get ramen at the local highly rated ramen restaurant. 

WE braved the ramen vending machines and were very unsure of what we ordered.

We waited in line outside the restaurant.

Enjoyed our tasty dinner.

In honor of Steve, we found apple cider vinegar drinks.

Stevie figured out how to ride the trains. 

Grandma joined us for this day where we went to Shibuya Crossing (busiest interstion in the world)

Stevie became a master of the train system.

Everything was so magically decorated.  These was hanging in the mall.  The picture does not do it justice of how interesting, fun and huge these air filled "berries."

Stevie and I took a trip to to the Imperial Palace which is the primary residence of the Imperial family.

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