Tokyo: Meiji Shrine, The Sweet Forest

Meiji shrine

We walked through the beautiful lush gardens of the Meiji Shrine.

We participated in the cleansing rituals of the Shintu Religion

While we were there, we saw a wedding procession.

It was so hot, wee were feeling for the bride and groom and the entire wedding party.

Beginning the Shintu ritual.

The picture is not showing it very well, but there is actually a "cat bar" in that building.  WHY?

We were desperate for food right after our long walk through the Meiji Shrine, but actually all of Tokyo was also hungry.  We found an (American) restaurant that had the shortest wait of 45 minutes.  

Went to the Sweets Forest.  I felt it was talked up online.  Not sure it was worth the long multi different train rides out there.  

The food at the Tokyo Station was spectacular.

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