Visiting the Eiffel Tower

We have been quite loosey goosey about planning any activity or touristy outing.  We are kind of going by the seat of our pants, doing what feels good for the day.  We decided to go to the Eiffel Tower one day only to read, "You would be crazy to show up at the Eiffel Tower without buying your tickets online."  We did not realize that the Eiffel Tower would be sold out for months ahead of time during the summer.  

Well, sweet and determined Steve woke up early and stood in line.  Actually, people were waiting in long lines, yet they did not realize that there are multiple ticket lines and you could go up closer to the entrance where there is no lines.  I think we are conditioned to get in the very first line we see.  

So, these two literally ran up ALL those stairs.  
I stopped to "take pictures for other families" (and catch my breath).

Every time the Eiffel Tower is still an amazing icon.  
Looking forward to showing our kids the Tower all lit up.  

We got a little rained on while climbing the stairs.  

It cleared a little bit and we got a great view from the top.  

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