Hanging out in Paris

Here is what a typical day for us has looked like while we are in Paris.  This amazing castle is right across the street from us. 
We are enjoying evening circuit training and football games around the castle.

Walking across the street and visiting inside Vincennes Castle.
Inside the Chappelle de Vincennes.

This castle began as a hunting lodge built by the Capetian monarchs in the 12th century.  Then work began on the keep and Manor.  Charles V completed a protective wall and nine towers was then built around the keep and manor. 

Looking into the moat around the castle.

Then to show alliance to God, Charles had a gothic chapel built on his land.  During the Revolution, the castle was a refuge for the monarchs to escape the mobs of angry people.
Napoleon used it for a military stronghold.  
These were the latrines that were built in one of the keeps.  

Then the castle became a prison.
 Kids were amazing how dingy, damp, and dark the castle must have been. 

Lighting Candles and saying a prayer at the Saint Sulpice Cathedral.

This has been our typical lunch everyday.  Enjoying all the delicious French cheeses.  Apparently, we have a famous fromage right by our flat. Good thing I am doing so much walking and climbing stairs.

We had to stop by this famous restaurant and

pick up some famous macaroons.
We enjoyed testing out some new sports cars on the Champs-Elysees.

Doing some work on the balcony.

More exercising.


Watching movies.

A children's play area just went up in a park down the street.  The kids have been enjoying all the activities there. 

Loving the opportunity to go on this adventure with these 3 precious people.

Posing by Rodin's famous "The Kiss."

Playing in the fountains at Trocadero.

Iconic Shot.

Riding the train on these rainbow seats.

Visiting Abercrombie and Fitch:  Paris Style.  You can't just have any regular store on the Champs-Ellyse.

THis one you enter through palace like gates and are greeted with lots of male models.

The Rutledge Family in Europe.

Stevie and I posing for an "I Got This" selfie and sending to Steve. 
Marky as the photographer.  There are about 100 pictures of this.

Another day on the climbing wall. 

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