Around the Town of London part 2

We went to Platform 9 3/4 at 10:00 one night.  Hoping that the line would have magically disappeared. We were wishing Matt and Grandma were with us since  they LOVE Harry Potter.

Stevie was all giddie about being there as you can tell by his jump in the air.

This picture sums up their relationship about now.

Marky LOVES riding the trains.  He liked to get in the middle of two trains and pretend he was on a roller coaster.

Here are some random photos of us from our trip to London.  We have so many different photo taking devices it is hard to remember which photos are on what device.

A picture from the Tour de France.  Marky was crouched down between all these legs taking pictures.  

Back at the Towers.

Kensington Palace:
They had an exhibit of the gowns worn by England's royalty.  We were in Princess Diana's section.
Pictures are a bit out of order since we have 14 different photo taking apparatuses.  Now we are back at the Tower of London.

Buckingham Palace.

Westminster Abbey

Eye of London

On our walk to Kensington Palace.    Chelsea was so wanting to see Kate at Kensington.  She was very excited and thought that Princess Kate would be walking around the palace.  
Trying on some fashion. . ,

Back at Trafalgar Square.

On a double decker bus looking at the sights.

 Kensington Palace

 Chelsea got to be in a special performance of the Queen getting dressed for the evening.
 It was quite the ordeal for woman to wear all those layers and then having to get pinned into the dress.
 We then walked outside and played in Princess Diana's Memorial Playground.

 While the kid were playing, I heard  helicopter come in for landing in very close proximity.  I ran over to see what was happening.

  Princess Anne had just come from Buckingham Palace (we think she was having tea with her mother the Queen) and she was taking a helicopter back to her apartments at St. James Palace.  
 Very cool to see.  

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