Springtime in Kansas- Rutledge side

We spent a fun filled week in Kansas in April.  We enjoyed being able to spend time with Steve's sister on the Rutledge side and my brother on the Mulliner side.  We loved seeing Suzi's property as it was changing from winter to spring.  

These two cute girls got to see each other after a long absence.  We LOVED seeing Darwin's big smile that lit up everything and everyone around her.  

We had such an amazing time together.  

The cousins got right down to business of having fun.  They made a fort, played in mud, played games, swung from the tree, and hiked.  

The cousins took a mud bath.  
 Enjoyed a beautiful hike.  

Love the Rutledge Family.  

We got to see Darwin's dance performance.  It was so fun to see her perform and share her amazing talent.  We especially LOVED her BIG beautiful smile.  

A brother and sister got time to catch up and enjoy going on a hike.

Steve and Suzi enjoyed some wonderful time together.  
My two Kansas sisters-n-love.  
We hiked to the lake.  

Had a rock skipping contest.

Suzi wins for best stone skipping form.  

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