Kansas- Mulliner side

So, this cousin reunion took place in April.  We get a two for one when visitng Kansas.  We get to visit both sides of our family.  

I somehow missed posting these cute pics.  
Cutest boys ever.  Can't get over that we have a Sam with blond hair.  

Grateful to see my younger brother.  Hard to believe that he is old enough to drive a mini-van.

Loved spending time with Sam's sweet family and my sis-in-love.  
My Sis-in-law is so creative and efficient.  My children really thought this was a great idea and we should adopt the planning board and the actual menu.  

A Saturday morning soccer game.
or wrestling match.  
I am sorry to say that I missed the picture of the spanking machine.  

Stevie doing some housekeeping and earning his keep.  

Yes, I was out to win.  

Steven helped boys to make cars and race them.  Steven could happily build legos for weeks on end.  

My two favorite Kansas sisters.  
Trip to the Wizard of Oz.

Aaaah, these two cousins had a great time together.  
This sweet cousin was waiting on the curb for us to arrive.  So precious.  
Stevie made the Lego Movie City.  
Such a big hit among all the cousins.
They were all so excited to show Dad when he got home from work.  

Georgie was a favorite.

Could not get enough of this cute face.  
 First Kansas BBQ.

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