Matt's Birthday

We celebrated Matt's birthday a week late.  Max and Kate joined us for the festivities.  

The 19 reasons we LOVE Matt on his 19th Birthday:
- Grateful that my first born is so easy-going demeanor.
- Grateful for his quick-wit.
- He is very passionate about college football
- His tweets are amusing

- Drives the Red Rocket around
- He is a good role model says Stevie
- He loves his cousins

 - He only has one year left as a teenager.  He was such a good teenager.
- He makes good decisions
 - He was a great leader in his church youth group  

- He comes home from college to see us.

- He does his own laundry.
- Protective over his siblings.

- Always truthful and helpful when selecting appropriate movies for the kids to watch.  
- He loves his grandparents and enjoys spending time with them.

- Grateful that Grandpa loves him since he has been Matt's chauffeur to and from college and the airport.  Thank you Grandpa!

-Still has a very healthy appetite.
- Plays in Madden tournaments with Stevie and Marky.
- He loves my chocolate cake.
 Have I mentioned how much we love and are proud of this boy??!!

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