Halloween 2013

We got some quick pictures after a quick dinner of BLT's, chicken wings, and bacon melts.  
Can you tell that Stevie created the menu?

Ummmm, not sure what is going on in this picture.  

Matt came home for the weekend (thankfully)  so he could go trick or treating with the boys. 
 Sort of be a chaperone without being a chaperone.  

The AVENGERS are back!!

Matt was on his rollerblades and ran these boys all over town.  We should have taken a picture of all the candy they came home with-  It was insane.    

Superhero family.
These cute girls all went out together.   

The end of night counting the loot.  Love Marky's expression in the back as he is sorting his candy.  
Steve and Craig took Marky and Kate out.  

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