Tribute to Matt

Steve wrote a beautiful tribute to Matt for his graduation party.   So grateful for a wonderful husband and son who opened their hearts to each other.  They are both amazing men!!

This is the speech that Steve gave during the graduation party. 

Just a few things that I like and admire about Matt.   Matt, you are :

-          physically strong and athletic

-          you understand and connect with people in an amazing manner

-          You have your own view and opinions of things, and you re thoughtful about these things

-          You are a good friend and teammate

-          Patriotic

-          You like country music

-          Deep spirituality

-          A Great sense of humor and a wonderful laugh

-          Smart and thoughtful

-          You are loyal committed and protective
And what is a man if he is not loyal, committed, and protective.


  Like a Rock
(taken from song)
For Matt Brim
June 1, 2013
There you are boldly
Standing in the sun
You look like a million
Bet you feel like number one
It’s the height of your summer
You’ve probably never felt this strong
Like a rock

You are eighteen
Don’t really have a care
Maybe working for peanuts
And not a dime to spare
But you are lean and
Solid everywhere
Like a rock

Your hands are steady
Eyes are clear and bright
Your walk has purpose
Your steps are quick and light
Now hold firmly
To what you feel is right
Like a rock

So stand arrow straight
Be unencumbered by the weight
Of things that are beneath  you
Stand proud, Stand tall
High above it all
And always believe in your dreams

So now Matt
Charge from the gate
And carry the weight
Matt Brim
Like a Rock.


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