Graduation Party

Ok, now for Matt's graduation party.  WE just invited family.  Between Bill's family and ours, Matt sure has a lot of people who love him. 

Our amazing cousin Max gave a blessing on the food. 

Isn't he the best, saying a prayer in front of 50 people????  That takes courage. 

My mom and her best friend, my Aunt Kaye.  So great to see friendships last for 50-60 years.  Love these women 

Matt with a few of his buddies.  Sure glad to see them, though I am sure that they were here for the Taco Truck. 

All the cute siblings and cousins. 
Bill and Grandpa having a word.

Me and the beautiful Aunt Katherine.  She is divine. 

A friendly badminton game. 
Matt with his two grandpas.  What a lucky guy to have a picture with his grandfathers. 

Apparently, the family friendly game of badminton turned into a pretty competitive game.   

Aunt Kaye looking over the calendar.  "The Calendar" needs a post all to itself.   Something to look forward to. 

Matt and Grandpa Brim

Matt is SOOO very lucky to have all of his grandparents living. 

The Brim Family- Matt is so lucky to have a Father, Aunts, and Grandparents who adore him.

My amazing husband gave a beautiful tribute to Matt.  You can read it here:  Tribute To Matt


Matt's sister, Ali is the sweetest girl.  She loved Tommie the dog we were dog sitting.  She followed the dog everywhere he went.  She could not stop talking about and loving Tommie.   

My dad giving his first grandson some advice. 

Matt's, other grandfather giving Matt some advice.  Matt is the LUCKIEST guy to have both grandfathers give him advice.  I think he already won the lottery with having both grandfathers with him at such and important moment of his life. 

Matt's dad, Bill, giving a tribute to Matt.  Matt's brother,  Johnathon next to him. We love when Johanthon comes to visit (especially Stevie).

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