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Steve and Chelsea setting up the science experiment.

Steve instructing her on how it is to be set up.  

Here is the finished science board.  She was so proud of her science board.  She did a fantastic job.  Chelsea is such a hard worker.  

Marky's kindergarten class had a fieldtrip to the farm.  

I hiked up to the farm and met him there.  A baby calf was born 9 days earlier to Luna the cow.  

Deer Hollow Farm is one of my favorite field trips with the kids.  

Marky is getting ready for the 100 Day Celebration.  He made a collection of maps from all the countries around the world.  I love to see him working at his table with his glasses on.  It is so cute!!!

This is Chelsea so excited to clean the kitchen after dinner.  

Actually, this is how she really feels about cleaning the kitchen.  

The whole family visiting Marky's classroom for \Open House.  He was so excited to show everyone his work.  It was finally his turn to show his work.  I LOVE seeing all the cute kinder work.  

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