Birthday Fun

This year,  Chelsea invited a few friends over for dinner and to participate in  a Mall Scavenger Hunt.  It was between a Mall Scavenger Hunt or a 4 square party.  (Since I am so DONE with 4- square, there really was not too much discussion).
The girls got a little distracted by the shoes (can't blame them).
They strategized how to get through the Mall. 

These girls were on one team. 
They enjoyed running around the Mall by themselves (until they got lost).

The other team enjoyed their free piece of candy from Sees. 
Chelsea trying to put on her game face after visiting the GIANTS store and getting stickers. 
It was a little hard getting bags from some of the stores since you have to pay $.10 for a bag.
We then came home for some Root Beer Floats and cupcakes. 
A very spirited Happy Birthday song being sung. 
These girls have been such good friends since Kindergarten.  Chelsea has such sweet, talented,
 fun group of friends. 
The evening was topped off with some Taylor Swift perfume of course. 

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