Happy Birthday Chelsea!

This cute girl turned 11 in April. 
She needed a new bike that would get her through junior high and high school.  We hid the bike on the side of the house for her to find. 

She LOVES Taylor Swift if you couldn't tell by her reaction. 

Since we were going to get back from our trip right before her birthday, I did her birthday shopping at the beginning of March.  Since she had out grown all her clothes, I bought her clothes from her new favorite store Abercrombie and Fitch.  Little did I realize that she would grow 2 1/2 inches in 7 weeks.  So the clothes that I bought her did not fit when her birthday rolled around.
As we are nearing the end of her elementary school years, we have seen her doing lots of growing and learning this year.

Eleven Reasons We LOVE Chelsea:
1. She is so thoughtful and a little mother to Marky.  When Steve and I travel, Chelsea takes on the "mother role" with Marky. 
2. She is a very sweet girl.
2.  Works hard to accomplish her goals.  She Earned the Presidential Award in 5th Grade.
4.  She is a good writer.  We enjoy listening to her songs and poems.
5.  She is warm and thoughtful.
6.  She LOVES, LOVES, LOVES Taylor Swift and Chelsea knows all the words to all of her songs.
7.  She is a good participator in church and school (even when her mother happens to be her teacher).
8.  She is extremely physically active.  She likes to run, bike ride, dance, kart wheel, and play something on the trampoline.
9.  She is constantly reading.  She is enjoying the Classics as of late.
10.  She knows she is a daughter of God.  She tries to live that in everything she does.
11.  We are eternally grateful that she is our Daughter.

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Mother's Day Prep for Girls

We invited a few girls over for a Mother's Day celebration. 

The girls made a few gifts for their mothers.

The GIFT girls came over on a different day.  They made a few gifts and also learned how to make a layered strawberry shortcake.  Many mothers told me later that their girls made the dessert for them on Mother's Day. 

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Birthday Fun

This year,  Chelsea invited a few friends over for dinner and to participate in  a Mall Scavenger Hunt.  It was between a Mall Scavenger Hunt or a 4 square party.  (Since I am so DONE with 4- square, there really was not too much discussion).
The girls got a little distracted by the shoes (can't blame them).
They strategized how to get through the Mall. 

These girls were on one team. 
They enjoyed running around the Mall by themselves (until they got lost).

The other team enjoyed their free piece of candy from Sees. 
Chelsea trying to put on her game face after visiting the GIANTS store and getting stickers. 
It was a little hard getting bags from some of the stores since you have to pay $.10 for a bag.
We then came home for some Root Beer Floats and cupcakes. 
A very spirited Happy Birthday song being sung. 
These girls have been such good friends since Kindergarten.  Chelsea has such sweet, talented,
 fun group of friends. 
The evening was topped off with some Taylor Swift perfume of course. 
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Catch UP/All Post

Steve and Chelsea setting up the science experiment.

Steve instructing her on how it is to be set up.  

Here is the finished science board.  She was so proud of her science board.  She did a fantastic job.  Chelsea is such a hard worker.  

Marky's kindergarten class had a fieldtrip to the farm.  

I hiked up to the farm and met him there.  A baby calf was born 9 days earlier to Luna the cow.  

Deer Hollow Farm is one of my favorite field trips with the kids.  

Marky is getting ready for the 100 Day Celebration.  He made a collection of maps from all the countries around the world.  I love to see him working at his table with his glasses on.  It is so cute!!!

This is Chelsea so excited to clean the kitchen after dinner.  

Actually, this is how she really feels about cleaning the kitchen.  

The whole family visiting Marky's classroom for \Open House.  He was so excited to show everyone his work.  It was finally his turn to show his work.  I LOVE seeing all the cute kinder work.  

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Easter 2013

On Saturday night, we colored our Easter eggs. 

The boys last Easter service.  They have sang together in the Sunrise Service for the past 6 years. 
A closer look at these two "hamming it up."  We'll miss seeing these boys
faces at  6 a.m. at Easter Service. 

We had a lot of participation on Easter Sunday, Matt gave a talk
and Stevie sang in Church. 

I just love this picture. 

After church service, we had our family Easter egg hunt. 
 "I'm off to a strong start."  This is what I heard from Matt as he begins the Easter egg hunt.

No matter how old our children get, they will always go on an Easter Egg hunt. 

Separating the candy and the money. 

Then we all went to the Elk's Lodge to celebrate Ronnie's birthday.  This is a picture of Ronnie and I having a conversation about whether or not he was given cake at his school for his birthday.  We went around and around. 

Back at the house, getting ready for Easter dinner. 

Matt towering over Aunt Kaye.  We were all  laughing as both have grown in opposite directions. 

Lots of cooks in the kitchen getting ready for dinner I tell you. 

These girls got a little girl time. 

Cousins with Braces!!!

Isn't this the best picture of Marky with his grandpa?  So grateful that we live so close to my parents. 
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