We spent Labor Day Weekend at Seascape.  It was a little cold on that California Beach.  I was bundled up the whole time.  We enjoyed spending time with friends and sharing with their traditions.


The first day we hung out at the pool and played some games. 

I, of course, was bundled up. 

Should have gotten pictures of our "Simple" dinner spread.  Jenn sure knows how to put on an amazing dinner. 

Marky played with his kinder buddy, Cody. 

Of course the near freezing temperatures do not stop these girls from running around the beach and jumping in the water.


Gotta hand it to Stevie for getting in the ice-cold water. 
These boys went swimming in the sand instead. 

Digging the biggest hole at the beach. 





The kids LOVED getting around the resort in the golf carts. 

Warming up next to our bonfire.  We enjoyed entertainment from the kids as they put on skits and sang songs. 

Enjoying being with good friends. 

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