So a quick flashback to summer.  Hopefully by January, I will have summer completely documented. We took our annual vacation to Tahoe in August.  We timed it so we could pick up Matt in Reno and then begin our trip.    

 A special surprise this year for us:  Cory and Will joined us for the fun. 

The sunsets are amazing in Tahoe. 

Night of Smores at the Hyatt. 

Waking up very happy.  Loving Chelsea's smile. 

A little bedtime humor.  Steve reads to Marky every night even on vacation. 

I love my very sweet, dear friend. 

 Matt was not too happy at the moment.  We had just picked him from a 2 week tour with Starfire.  He was exhausted and just wanted to sleep.  We dragged him out of bed a few times.  Asking him to smile for the camera was asking a bit much.  ;)  However, I am loving his blue eyes. 

Fun day at the lake with Will.  The Katwan boys joined us also, but I can not find those pictures right now. 


Trying to walk (and breathe) in the scuba equipment. 


The poor crawdads.  Always feel so bad for them as all the kids in the area try to catch them.  Anthony is the king of catching crawdads.  He caught 40 of them in a bucket.  He wanted me to take them home to cook them. 
So many fun things to do in Tahoe. 

The beauty of Tahoe always overwhelms me. 

Chelsea so kindly is taking me for a ride in the boat.  We had fun going all over the lake together.  Actually, she went bravely all over the lake.  Pushing the boat. 
Stevie enjoying the power of being able to flip me over at any moment.  


Will and Stevie looking for crawdads. 

First Friends.
So nice to have boys that can pump up all the boats. 

All the boys were working.  Even the Dads got off easy.  Very nice to have so many sons and have so many friends with boys.  I have no pics of us actually going down the river.  It was pretty exciting and the boys engaged in an all out "Modern Warfare" of their own. 

We spent an evening at Northstar rollerskating. 

Matt helping Marky along.  It was Marky's first time on rollerskates. 
 Matt was showing some serious brotherly love!
I guess the lesson finished and Marky needed a fast exit. 

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