Halloween 2012

We had such an enjoyable Halloween this year.  I did a fun display in our kitchen of all the kids in their costumes dating back to when Matt was little.  I love seeing each year what the kids are wearing, how much they have grown, and just how cute they are. 
Matt so nicely put on a jersey just to join us on our front porch picture. 
He was the "candy passer-outer."

Chelsea got some cute teenage girls to do her hair and makeup.  The girls did an incredible job!

Cute Kate in her Red Riding Hood costume. 

Fun Family portrait before everyone headed out for the festivities. 

Kids enjoying the evening with cousins.  How fun for them to have such great memories spending holidays with their cousins. 
 It was hard to think that it may be Matt's last picture with us on Halloween. 

So I need to add another one with all the kids on the porch. 
Matt and Stevie.  Stevie found his costume as we were gathering everyone up for pictures. 

Just had to get another picture of his blue eyes.  Trying to savor all the moments. 
 After Trick or Treating, Marky and Kate are trading candy. 

Not sure what Matt and Max are pointing at . . .
but it sure cracked them up. 
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Marky Preschool Graduation and Friends

Sparkleylicious graduated from preschool.  Actually, we just put him and his friends in a cap and gown and called it graduation from Ms. Kimmy's.  I cried and cried as I told Ms. Kimmy goodbye.  She was with Marky since he was born.  She was the teacher at our home preschool for five years.  Chelsea and Marky love her so much.  I have pictures of them together but can not find at the moment.  Will need to locate and post soon (as soon as I get to #25on my bucket list  organizing all my pictures).

Just could not resist posting a few pictures of him because they were all so good. 

Love Marky's cute sense of humor. 

This did get me thinking about this year.  I will have a high school, elementary, and kindergarten graduation.  This is quite an emotional year. 

Going to put this next to his high school graduation. 

Tried to get a picture with all the boys. 

As you can see, had a little rough time.  We were laughing so hard at all the antics.  
 Marky with Jaime, Andrew, and Jack

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Happy Birthday Matt!

Hard to believe that Matt is 18. 
Here are 18 reasons why we love this special guy!!

He drinks out of a coffee cup that his grandmother gave him.  This picture just cracks me up.  He always drinks water out of this cup and it is hard for me to keep a straight face while he is drinking. 

He wants to do what is right.
He gives good toasts. 

He loves his aunts and uncles so much.
He is really patriotic to his country.
He got to vote in the 2012 presidential election.  He read all the information on all the issues so he could be an informed voter. 

His favorite candy is Reeses and he really likes homemade chocolate pudding.
He gets up to go to church each week.
He wants to be a good leader and really tries to emulate good leadership qualities.

He really likes pretty girls.    He brings wonderful girls (as friends) over to brighten our lives.

He is great at helping his grandparents and us put up Christmas lights. 

He is the oldest of lots and lots of cousins and sets a great example. 

He is ok being the ONLY Republican in California (besides his Grandfather, Uncles and Peter. 

He still thinks VBS is fun.
He honors his word, especially when he loses a bet. 

He is a good singer.

He is training hard for lacrosse.

He is my oldest child and I love him!!


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Halloween Activities

Fifth graders finally:  Their last parade.  The girls all decided to wear their Nutcracker costumes. 

These girls have met in their kindergarten class,
and have been good friends ever since.  Such sweet, talented girls (and I really like their moms too).

Marky has walked the school parade route at school every year since he was born with Chelsea and Stevie.  He seemed a little "shell-schocked" at having to do it on his own. 
The Kinders were so cute in the parade.  Marky is holding Cody's hand as they are walking. 

Chelsea and Mo feeling very confident high-fiving everyone as they walk the parade route. 
In Kindergarten they were a lot more unsure of the whole situation. 

Had to throw kinder pictures in since I am feeling nostalgic as this is her last Halloween Parade. 

Chelsea and Marky at a neighborhood pumpkin carving. 

 Heidi is amazing to organize a party for everyone to carve pumpkins and she puts together a full dinner for everyone. 
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Halloween Activities

The elementary school had a Halloween parade.  Chelsea and friends all dressed in their Nutcracker costumes. 

I had to throw a few of these in. 
Wish I had better in getting pictures of Chelsea and her friends in her kindergarten class. 
Chelsea and Mo a little unsure of what is about to happen in the parade. 

These girls were all in the same kindergarten class

and have remained close ever since.  
Such wonderful girls (and I think their mothers are pretty special too). 

Marky and Chelsea at the neighborhood pumpkin carving thrown by Heidi.   

She is amazing to put together this fun activity and she even had dinner ready to go. 

Marky walking the parade for the first time by himself.  He has walked the parade with Stevie and Chelsea each year since he was born. 
I think it was a bit overwhelming for him.  He looked like he was "shell-shocked."
Chelsea and Mo a little more confident in the Halloween Parade
 "high-fiving" everyone as they go by. 
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