Marky Preschool Graduation and Friends

Sparkleylicious graduated from preschool.  Actually, we just put him and his friends in a cap and gown and called it graduation from Ms. Kimmy's.  I cried and cried as I told Ms. Kimmy goodbye.  She was with Marky since he was born.  She was the teacher at our home preschool for five years.  Chelsea and Marky love her so much.  I have pictures of them together but can not find at the moment.  Will need to locate and post soon (as soon as I get to #25on my bucket list  organizing all my pictures).

Just could not resist posting a few pictures of him because they were all so good. 

Love Marky's cute sense of humor. 

This did get me thinking about this year.  I will have a high school, elementary, and kindergarten graduation.  This is quite an emotional year. 

Going to put this next to his high school graduation. 

Tried to get a picture with all the boys. 

As you can see, had a little rough time.  We were laughing so hard at all the antics.  
 Marky with Jaime, Andrew, and Jack

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