Halloween Activities

Fifth graders finally:  Their last parade.  The girls all decided to wear their Nutcracker costumes. 

These girls have met in their kindergarten class,
and have been good friends ever since.  Such sweet, talented girls (and I really like their moms too).

Marky has walked the school parade route at school every year since he was born with Chelsea and Stevie.  He seemed a little "shell-schocked" at having to do it on his own. 
The Kinders were so cute in the parade.  Marky is holding Cody's hand as they are walking. 

Chelsea and Mo feeling very confident high-fiving everyone as they walk the parade route. 
In Kindergarten they were a lot more unsure of the whole situation. 

Had to throw kinder pictures in since I am feeling nostalgic as this is her last Halloween Parade. 

Chelsea and Marky at a neighborhood pumpkin carving. 

 Heidi is amazing to organize a party for everyone to carve pumpkins and she puts together a full dinner for everyone. 

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