Starfire Tour

Matt embarked on the Starfire Rocky Mountain Tour this past summer.  Not sure how Dirk and Carol are able to pull off an incredible musical and be with 60 kids for two weeks, but they do so magnificently. 
Grateful that we have such an amazing son who takes risks to experience new things and surrounds himself with amazing people.
 At the Columbine Memorial. 
Matt with his buddies:  Ian and Peter

Matt did an amazing job singing in the musical.  Can't imagine singing in front of an audience, but he did a fantastic job. 

We surprised Matt in Reno during Starfire's last performance

Matt and Sam Pompeii.  Sam really invested time and love to Matt.  He spent a lot of time teaching how to be a leader.  Thank you Sam!!!

All the kids on tour!  What a remarkable experience to be able to go on tour and spend two weeks with such amazing people. 

Matt and Peter are the MC's for the talent show.  They had many costume changes during their performance. 

Such good friends.
Matt and Ian friends since 3rd grade.  They saw each other the first Sunday that Matt attended and became good friends immediately. 

Love the beautiful smiles.  All the joy that Matt has as his experience comes to an end and all the joy in Stevie's face as he anticipates such an amazing experience. 
Carol:  A true angel on the planet.  Thank you for teaching, loving and inspiring all of these children!
Look at Stevie's face.  Pure joy.

 Sweet Savannah took a liking to Chelsea.  Thank you Savannah for being such a sweet friend to Chelsea!!!

So grateful that Matt had an awesome experience touring many states. 
 Trip of a lifetime.   Feeling so grateful to be members of LAUMC.  Thank you for providing such an fantastic experience for our children. 


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