On a beautiful Saturday, we headed over to Alcatraz. 

It had been awhile since we had gone.  Now that the kids are older, they can all take in so much more. 

Steven and Chelsea had read the books in this series which made the trip a little more fun.  Matt had actually gone to an author signing of the books when he was in 4th grade. 

The model of Alcatraz was amazing to look and learn about the construction of the prison before we got on our boat. 

A friend joined us for the entire boat ride over. 

Since Matt is very scared of birds, he stayed inside the boat the entire ride.  His traumatic experience with a bird happened while we were living in San Francisco when he was 4.  He hasn't gotten over it 18 years later-   Poor Guy. 

The rest of us were able to enjoy some beautiful scenery. 

Love Stevie helping Marky up the path. 

Marky was the cutest with his headphones.  He was so good at following the tour around Alcatraz.  Marky really needs to adapt since he is the youngest of 4.  He did such a good job. 

Matt is a little more comfortable in a jail cell than outside with the birds. 

After spending some time looking around a jail cell, they decide quite emphatically that they do not want to go to jail.  

We enjoyed the views looking back at the city. 

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