Reliving an Amazing Time of Your Life

Hard to believe that it has been 25 years since high school.  It is even harder to believe that Matt is a Senior now.  It seems like the last 25 years went by so quickly, I still remember so vividly my high school years.  It is fun to watch Matt going through high school. 
With Denise.

Group shot. 

So interesting to catch up and hear every one's life stories.  Some people have really struggled through some tough trials.  Amazing to see people's resilience to go on and live life fully. 

Denise and I had an opportunity to catch up a year ago at a wedding. 

I remember my parents always saying, "Your High School years are your best years of your life." Even though there were a few down time, I think high school was amazing. 
I tell always tell Matt that high school and college are an amazing time of your life. 

Most of the career choices that people chose are exactly what you thought they would choose. 

I remember the sleepovers at Kristy's house.  She still has such great energy and fun to be around. 

Even after not seeing some of these people in a few years, it is amazing to come together again and it is if no time has passed. 

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