Mom's Summer Camp

As we were discussing different activities that we wanted to do with our daughters this summer, a few mothers decided to get together and do a summer camp.  We each chose several days in the summer to host our own Summer Camp.


The girls first decorated little monsters.  Thanks to Cyndi who came to help.  I had underestimated the amount of frosting and colors needed.  She thankfully stepped in and made frosting (lots of frosting).

The girls then began to work on their doll cakes. 

It was so exciting to see how each girl designed her own doll. 

The kitchen was a mess of course. 

The girls were quick learners as they learned how to use all the different tips. 

Swim Party.

The girls had so much fun spending the day together. 

We then had a "S'more Summer Fun" Party. 

Stevie and Chelsea's friends played a big game of Sharks and Minnows. 

Marky was loving the fun.  He really got into chasing the kids. 

Love when we get a natural smile of Marky. 

We did some old fashioned Ding Dong Ditching.

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